The video is done, done, done.

Our camera broke. It broke while we were at the other side of the Pacific Ocean at Bondi Bay. Was it sand in the lens? Anyway, no pictures of us Canadians wading to our knees, proclaiming: “Its so warm!” while Jonathan from Speak’n’Spell watches us, shivering. Then trips to London, Toronto, and no photographic evidence. As if time passes, memories are lost forever. I tell myself: “Oh, I’ll remember this,” but I never do if somebody doesn’t remind me.

Murray cajoled it back into operation, getting a few shots of the Frenches at the fitting for our video. That went over well enough, at least for the guys. They came out looking hot. Val and I were uncertain in trendy black dresses and accessories that made us look like we were going to a wedding or to our high school reunions. At the eleventh hour, Murray called it off and we brought our own clothes, basically. Things that looked natural on us, things we would actually wear on stage.

On the day of the shoot, we stopped for bagels on the way. Murray, Tara (from Maple), Neptune and I munched on still-warm St-Viateur bagels that we dipped gluttonously into either cream cheese or hummous. We drove out to St-Hubert, alonf industrial parkways I never new existed.

We pull up to an airplane hangar that has been converted into a sound studio. About a dozen people have been working there all morning setting up lights, the backdrop and Nedward was there working on the silhouettes. They look amazing. Everything looks amazing. Are we actually going to pull this off? Will the video succeed in coming out like the treatment? The day wears on and the director, Maxime, is just motoring through the shots with Murray checking out since the idea is following the vision he had for it. Then they load in the big YOU sign that Nedward made. It looks a little ghetto but when it was positioned and switched on it looked fantastic. Murray’s wearing his white suit and he looks really good and sharp. I was watching some of his performances on the playback and he’s really nailing it. I feel good about this.

Then it gets classically complicated. Deadlines, scheduling, transfers, closed-captionning, colour correction…the first edit is disappointing. Its a bit slowly paced and not aggressive enough. I just remember these killer shots of Krief playing his guitar like he was punching someone in the face. And I got this huge bruise from bashing that tambourine on my hip all day. That needs to be in there, doesn’t it? Murray gets in on the second (and final) editing session and holy shit he’s good. I knew he had that in him, the ability to express something visual AND musical. And he did it; put us back into the video. The more I watch it the more I like everything about it.

I always get so self conscious about video photo shoots. Like there’s this wildcard aspect and I can’t control what I’m gonna look like. I was especially frustrated that the make-up-and-hair guy barely spoke any english. It’s kind of important, to be able to communicate that no, I don’t want poofy, teased up bangs so please stop working towards that. I try not to be vain but sometimes I just have to. Vanity truly is a horrible thing so I’d rather avoid the surrounding issues as much as possible. Anyhow, point being that I had to get over the minutiae of “Is that lip gloss too much?” or “Why am I looking that way?” and “Is that what I really look like?” before I could move forward. It’s a classic woman’s dilemma. We all watched Sex and The City: self-consciousness is a reality…in real life, that is.

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