Leeds or Burst

Leeds or burst…an obscure joke from the opening credits of Perfect Strangers. Balki was certainly the original Borat.

After show in Leeds. I realised tonight that this town may have the best food in England. Three for three here, and that’s amazingly good for the UK. Sorry to everywhere else.

Last night was Manchester, where we had a hang out with Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce. It was a little surreal, like when worlds collide. Speaking of which, it was odd that yesterday we hung with those dudes, and today we got some Google news alerts about Krief’s feelings about our Morrissey shows. Alls I’s gots to say about the whole thing is that we’ve played four shows with the gentle Moz, and I’ve still never met the guy. Just the way it goes, I guess.

Now if only I had a story to tell about Johnny Marr.

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