The Naming of the Blog

Picking a username is like picking a dj name. I used to dj before everyone was a dj: I was pre-iPod. I lugged a huge carrier bag of CDs (retardedly, still in their cases) to the Bifteck two or three nights a week. Then I destroyed the shoulder strap (and my shoulder) of several Salvation Army-acquired bags carrying vintage Phase 4 and Perez Prado vynils to Blizzarts Sunday nights. That’s where I was implored to come up with something more clever than: “DJ Natalia” or the even more hated: “DJ Natalia Yanchak.” They were printing flyers and even though nobody came to our night, I agonized over the name. Still I came up with nothing. Its idiotic. I already have a name. That’s what a name is for: to identify youself. So. Welcome to my blog, aptly named after me, the author. What to expect? I’m not sure yet, but I assume it will shape itself. I can only guarantee the occasional nugget of darkness, which attracts us to blogs in the first place.

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