Review: Jade McNelis “All the Fables”

I like Jade. I’d heard some rough mixes of the material on her EP, but I’d never actually sat and listened to the songs. After a good listen, I was amazed by the strength of her voice and the maturity of her song writing style. Her songs have a cabaret-style playfulness, like a liberated, unstuffy Rufus Wainwright meets a pop Gonzales Piano Solos. Knowing some of her collaborators so closely, I could hear their influence on the arrangement side. Especially Murray’s signature guitar chops and leads on “Christmas Eve,” and Chris’ synth-stylings tucked neatly into every corner. It was fun to listen to, and “Life in Grey” has been running in my head for a couple days now. The closing track, “Comedian,” I thought was nicely dark and intense; initially I thought it should have come sooner on the EP but realised that I liked the effect, that it left me with something to think about, left me wondering what would be next. Now if I could just find a babysitter I’d love to see her next show.

Jade McNelis EP cover

One Reply to “Review: Jade McNelis “All the Fables””

  1. lovey to hear from you ny. when’s seligman (the Elder) going to start a blog? (um, looks like I’m still logged into wordpress via my now defunct didactique blog. it burned but briefly, but burn she did, rage rage against etc). xo watkinsinparis

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