Turning 30 Blog

The only sad thing about turning 30 (yesterday) is the fact that I am turning 30. It doesn’t really matter, age – all through my twenties I never new exactly how old I was. I just didnt keep track until 2007 happened and I had only 4 months left to my twenties. Now I periodically pause in the middle of whatever I’m doing, for a moment of: “Wow I’m really digging this organic, no salt no sugar no additives peanut butter!” and then think: “Do I like this because its yummy or because its good for me and I’m getting old and my body is going to start falling apart soon?” And a moment later I’m like: “Yummy!” and everyone moves on with their lives. At 28 I noticed my face was forming thin grooves where wrinkles will be, and that I furrow my eyebrows a lot so I’m totally screwed there. That’s gonna be my big one. When I was pregnant, I started coating my body with pricey Khiel’s moisturizer and after Neptune, never stopped. My theory with beauty products is simple: you get what you pay for. So I have two kinds, one for my face and one for my body. Sometimes I use the body lotion on Neptune because she inherited my totally awesome sensitive skin. Total cost: about $175 a year. But it is my skin, and I can’t fix it later so I’m taking care of it now. Nuff said. Another classic agemaker for me is this red plaid bundle buggy Murray bought for going to the market and grocery shopping. When I’m walking, pulling that thing I feel ancient. I think of my grandmother Mama 2’s wire buggy that she lined with a corrugated cardboard box (Kellogg’s Corn Flakes box fit perfectly, probably one that she got from Knob Hill Farms). Anyway, even though nobody in Park-Ex gives a flying f*ck, the sight of the occasional frupster that makes their way up here will fill me with self-doubt. So it’s over to the DollarTheque (the best, Jerry, the best) for a pair of $4.99 fake Chanel sunglasses, and then pulled-back bangs in the style of Lindsay-Lohan-meets-a-British-footballer’s wife. There. All done. I feel like I can be myself again. 30 or not, with or without bundle buggy in tow, it’s just a number at the end of it.

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