Review: Air @ Metropolis (06/05/07)

Being a mother, or an otherwise normal with dull job, restricts the amount of “going out” time allowed. Between real-life responsibilities and early-morning wake-up cries, the life of the party seems less and less important. The extra effort to organise a stepping out this past Sunday was made for my favourite band because I thought it was necessary. One thing I admire about Air is their high regard for production: they are true and pure to their music. Their records always sound amazing and flawless, and the four or five times I’ve seen them live I’ve been either blown away or moved to tears. This most recent Montreal appearance had all the makings for another such performance and it was super. Simple lights that made white-suited Jean-Benoit Dunckel and Nicolas Godin seem to glow on stage (check out my crappy photo below). I respect the one million touring analogue keyboards, manned delightfully, with nothing but a poised air of confidence by Dunckel. He is my inspiration! I love you J-B! There is no ego up there: half the time he is not even playing the leads (my second favourite keyboardist lurks in the shadows, I think he is the long-haired Dave Palmer: his licks are so dead on it’s scary). Anyhow, that’s how it should be, just making the songs happen. No smiles necessary. The weaknesses of this gig were very nerdy: the sound wasn’t so hot. Its as if the PA wasn’t loud enough; the drums sounded like we were hearing the snare off the stage instead of through the PA (that said, the drummer was pretty weak…the last Montreal show was more mind-blowing because the drummer was frigging amazing…this must have been a different guy). So the snare sounded like crap and the mix was weird at times, therefore not moving me to tears at all. It was still fun. Afterwards we went for a poutine at Frites Dorée. The end.


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