Mexico City (Part 1): Getting There, Getting Ready

A long flight is just clouds, clouds, close the shade, watch a bad romantic comedy, pass out, open the shade, clouds, sunset, orange, purple, yellow, whatever, close the shade, video games, then all of a sudden we opened the shade to the lights of 30 million people.


Although we travel for 80% of our lives, new places still hold an excited interest in me. Some places we’ve been to with the band so many times that they’ve been soured. Murray was observing how Belgium and England will never be suitable for vacationning ever again. Touring forces the discovery of a city’s seamy side, venues usually in the dodgy bits of town, the tour bus parked in an isolated car park, and my touristic radius limited to wherever I can walk in 30 minutes. Sometimes I have what I call “Tour Dreams” where I wake up anxious because I’ve got lost in some ancient, meandering town and missed the show, or I’ve forgotten everything and have to go on stage, or find myself frustrated and waiting too long for something I don’t really want.

On our flight to Mexico, Murray and I looked at the route map at the back of one of those fake magazines airlines keep in seat pockets. We were looking at all the places we have been, realising that for all the travelling we do, we still have most of the world to experience. Save for Belize (Murray), Costa Rica (me) and Cuba (both of us), of the Americas, Mexico, Central and South America were yet to be discovered. I wasn’t really sure what to expect out of this trip. I was looking forward to the show; I had a good feeling about it.

I don’t even know where to start. The promoters were amazing and took the band around everywhere. The rest of the band left on Wednesday and had a full on vacation: Pyramid of the Sun, Plaza Garibaldi, nice dinners, a mexican wrestling match and a lot of Tradicional and partying. I’m glad they had such a great time. Armando met us at the airport Friday night and took us for a late supper. We drank agave liqueur and other delicious things. Then Andreas, Andreas (yes, two) and Fernanda came to meet us. They were comfortable and gracious and knowledgable about their country; it felt like we had known them for a long time. Saturday morning we slept in (a major treat for parents), had breakfast, went for a walk through the little street market, and then left for sound check. I hadn’t seen the band in a few weeks (we all do our own thing when we are home for a while) so it was great to be together again. Sometimes I worry that it will be weird after being apart for a while but genrally it is just like being reunited with family.


The Polyforum Squeireos is an incredible venue, boasting the largest mural in the world. Its a dome shaped room painted from floor to ceiling in a dense and dramatically coloured, three-dimensional gouache. One wall seemed to symbolise life, the other death. That’s my art review. Anyhow, it was a fascinating and intimidating venue. The sound was weird and bouncing everywhere so, in classic Dears form, soundcheck took about five hours. We were kind of ready so called it and went for dinner with Andreas, Nunya, Renaud and The Frenches (Martin and Val). We ate and then Murray and I got so tired we went back to the hotel and fell into coma-style naps while “Bring It On” squawked on the TV. Nunya later told me she actually liked the cheerleading themed movie, but she also thinks Matthew McConaughey is hot so I guess we disagree on a few things. Murray and I woke up at around 10PM and got ready in a daze, the altitude and carbon-thick air taking its toll.

Next up: The Show.

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  1. I was in the concert, just impressive, i still can belive it. I hope u had enjoyed too. Thx

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