Mexico City (Part 2): Best Show EVER!

When we arrived at the venue, the band were strangely nervous for the gig. I think knowing we had some hardcores here added some pressure. But we did not expect the explosive reaction when we hit the stage. The room was sold out and nearly everybody was singing along to almost every song. At one point between songs, it sounded as if everybody was screaming out something different: a song title, one of our names, sending out love. It was crazy. “Lost in the Plot” was so retarded I thought someone was going to get seriously injured by enthusiasm. Check these out:




At the Polyforum, the audience stands on a rotating floor (which was thankfully stationary for the show). At one point, so many people were jumping that Armando had to come on stage and ask Martin to stop jumping, for fear the whole floor would collapse. It seemed that everybody knew all the words to all the songs…I mean they were freaking out. It was awesome. At one point in 22 I forgot to sing because it seemed the audience had it taken care of. We managed an 75-minute set, the with the help of adrenaline and vodka, returned for an encore of Purgatory and No Love, two songs we hadn’t played in months. We came out for a second time with a daring rendition of Heartless, and Murray stayed out for The Highest.

Admittedly not the best performance we’ve ever played, but that was almost secondary to the actual event itself (if that makes any sense). We spent about two hours meeting fans and signing autographs after the show.


So with that, I say THANK YOU MEXICO! I have great love and appreciation for you all. I cannot wait to go back.

Next Up: Going home.

9 Replies to “Mexico City (Part 2): Best Show EVER!”

  1. Yeahh!!. It was an amazing show. Mexico loves you. We love your music. You’re awesome!!!! Thank you! Come back soon, we want to jump again!!!

  2. The best part of the story was the discovery that you are human beings!(jejejeje): sensitive, simple and gentle people enjoying your “job”, like me or some one else, not a “rockstar”. Thank you.

    This paragraph was wrote by a friend. Soon I will give you the link in case someone of you want to read the whole text. It is in spanish language… I don’t translate it because it would lose its original beauty.

    “(..) Para mí esas dos horas intensas de interpretaciones cuidadosas llevadas a cabo por seis almas entregadas a un público totalmente hechizado, quedan lejos de mi poder descriptivo. Es decir: cualquier cosa que diga se quedará pendeja frente a la perfección del concierto de los Dears. Ojalá hayan estado ahí, y si no fue así, permítanme darles mi más sentido pésame.”
    Sofía Téllez

    Berenice Andrade

  3. I mean that it was an excellent concert, Mexico wants them and I wait for return soon since its music is excellent but also its personality and the human quality that sees that they have .

    The dears returns soon to Mexico

  4. That sounded like an awesome show (sigh). For some reason, when you play in Montreal, I always learn about it too late. Maybe next time. We love your music and our little kids will be playing with their toys and suddenly start singing “I swear, I swear, I swear to you…”, which is funny because they only speak French. You’re great.

    Isabelle Gagnon

  5. I loved the show. It was a great one. Hopefully you’ll come back and if you do, I’ll be there once again.

  6. Hey Laradha: thanks for coming to the show and filming that song and I’m totally glad we felt the same way during the show!!

    Also I just want to thank everyone for reading my blog and posting your comments. It’s really great and inspiring and I’m grateful for all of you being out there! Keep it coming.

  7. Thanks for your commentary, were a pleasure in supporting them and I wait for when they return again to mexico contract to me. Them control greetings to all you and in special to Martin and Jorge.
    Espero que me escriban muy pronto, mi mail es

  8. Hello there!
    Your concert was awesome!!, I want you to tell you I took the video you have of 22, I know it doesnt have a good quality but anyway I hope you liked it, Let me tell you, your concert is the greatest concert I have gone ever too, I was on the first line and I think you are persons who enjoys play music and not like the others who only want to have persons dragging behinnd them, I hope you liked our country and you like to retur to México soon, I’ll be there. Please answer me and please if you remember me send me a email to Bye!!

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