Review: Krief “Take it or Leave”

Krief is a prolific writer. He’s always got something on the go, always working on some new riff at Dears soundchecks. Aside from being the best guitar player I know, he is remarkably talented, and wears his influences well. Take it or Leave is mellow, a sort of mix of George Harrison, Air, Coldplay and well, Krief. The production is clean and doesn’t hide anything or pretend to be more than it is. From the inside, I know he agonized over who should sing his songs; once he gave Murray some demos that Krief sang on himself and they were the best tracks we’d ever heard. Highlights from the record include the dark, piano-led “La Vérité” and the messy, energetic “What We Wanted.” The album leaves off with the hopeful acoustic and Mellotron track “In This World,” perfect for lying in the grass either getting wasted or just holding hands. That’s the genius dichotomy behind Kreif.


One Reply to “Review: Krief “Take it or Leave””

  1. yes, i just noticed he is playing with uncut here in new york in a few weeks. i had no idea.

    speaking of uncut – do you like them?

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