Crazy World

I was at the bank with Neptune yesterday. There’s an older Greek woman that works there who always marvels at Neptune. We talked about how babies grow up fast and how Neptune is going to be tall and that kind of thing. Then the lady said: “I hope she has a good life.” I replied: “She will.” The lady continued: “I hope her life is good because we live in a crazy world. Crazy, you know, it’s crazy out there.” I found this conversation a bit dark; as if it were hopeless, that our futures are preset. Neptune was asleep in the stroller, but all these thoughts came into my mind: I wanted to tell the lady about how we do what we can, how it’s not hopeless, how our world has always been crazy, how craziness is a matter of perspective.

Anyway, in some ways she was right. I don’t get the newspaper but I read the news online from the BBC and CBC. I start by reading the BBC headlines that come into my browser via RSS feed, or into my mailbox from CBC’s Overnight Digest. Nearly every day there is something astounding. Of course there is the usual death and dying, corruption and greed, sordid affairs and the odd heroic tale. You know, the things that are newsworthy.

Yesterday morning I read this one: It starts off with a humanitarian program to manufacture low-cost, $100 laptop computers to school kids in poor countries. It’s a genius idea: like getting mobile phone networks to places where telecom wires would never happen, or funding inexpensive solar generators in rural India (now if pharmaceutical companies could just get over themselves and help people live). Its the dignified concept of trying to keep the world remotely on the same digital page. Now the darkness: This is a story of how chip-maker Intel is attempting to undersell AMD who originally started the laptop project. Undersell them on a $100 computer. They’re taking something that is supposed to help people and turning it into a gross, money-making competition. Intel and AMD should be ashamed they are charging people anything at all for the computers! Is this whole project a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

I guess most of our world’s problems can be attributed to money and greed…which is ironic that a banker is telling me about how the world is “crazy.” Wanna know something “crazy?” How about legalized loan sharks, the retarded money banks make on interest, the submissive, compromised position they put us in. Its sickatating.

3 Replies to “Crazy World”

  1. Hi. I know it’s depressing. I have two kids 5 and 7 and I wonder everyday what their life is going to be like. Especially with the environment, the climate changes. Some of those forecasts: They talk about stuff happening in the next 10-15-20 years…
    I keep thinking “Wow, out of all the hundreds and hundreds of generations that have gone before us, why did it have to fall on my children’s generation?” Mathematically, it seems almost impossible, and yet…

    But I believe we have to have some faith in the future when we have children. I fight everyday to shut my mouth in front of them so they don’t think the world and their future are hopeless. I don’t want to tell them about tigers on the brink of extinction, for instance, because it will make them feel horrible and there’s nothing they can do about it now. I want them to believe the world is good, beautiful and true. I want them to be hopeful, not scared. I’m hoping if they grow up strong and hopeful they’ll be able to face what life brings them, and that if they’re discouraged and scared right away, it won’t help them at all.
    Anyway that’s my take on it. I have my fingers crossed behind my back. 😉


  2. Hey Isabelle,
    I know how you feel. A friend called us a few weeks ago, saying how he was depressed about the sharks disappearing. And it is depressing, but we have to look at both sides: what is evolution and what is human destruction? Animals have always gone extinct naturally: the dodo bird, sabre-toothed tiger, dinosaurs. But then there are the Yangtze River dolphins in China: they are dying for the sake of lazy progress, because people just treat the river as a garbage. But maybe it is supposed to be this way? Maybe we are part of it and our destruction of the environment is also our self-destruction? Its a difficult question! We have to be strong for our kids and the future and do the little things we can, I guess. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me! Natalia

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