The Dears are Dead! Long Live The Dears!

I made the mistake of reading our own press yesterday. I get Google Alerts about The Dears, but don’t usually read anything. I just like to get a taste of who is saying what. Yesterday I got this one:

Google Blogs Alert for: “The Dears”
Music Weekly… featuring the Queens of the Stone Age
By Guardian Unlimited Music
Guardian Unlimited Music: In this week’s podcast, Josh Homme and Joey Castillo discuss death, drugs and dance with us. Also: Are the Dears a bunch of bedwetters?

“Are The Dears a bunch of bedwetters?” Interesting. I think to myself: “That’s it, we are done.” So I downloaded the podcast and skipped through to the bits about us (about halfway through). In keeping with British media methodology, the journalists have resorted to name-calling in lieu of actually reviewing. But I guess the strategy worked on me because I was intrigued enough to listen to the show. Anyway. In their review of our last single, You and I Are a Gang of Losers, they kindly noted a lot of sour things that weren’t really true. They said we were a “sextet with clever haircuts from Canada…no not The Arcade Fire who are the best band in the world…” Which was hilarious for two reasons: 1) our haircuts are totally boring, and 2) two years ago, we were the best band in the world according to the British press. So fickle! At least you should get a trophy or t-shirt or something when awarded the title of “Best Band in the World,” since you will almost certainly be dethroned a few months later. So, blah, blah, blah: one guy preferred Stars, which I can get behind. The girl said we were “better than Snow Patrol” which doesn’t say anything at all. The other guy said he “didn’t like country music,” which was astonishing…I guess acoustic guitar = country music. To their credit, they thought it wasn’t the strongest track on the album, which is a valid opinion.

I was totally disheartened. I was like: “Wow I guess we are done.” Then I thought: “Wait a second…let me listen to the rest of the show.” And they trashed everything they talked about. They said Good Charlotte was for 12-year-olds and Dizzee Rascal had OK lyrics (but that was probably the Colonialist guilt talking).

In the end I was like: “F*ck it. We are so not done. I’m going back to finish painting the kitchen”

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