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What is up with Poland? I mean, I love the country dearly. It is where my family is from, and is a frigging strong nation having been through the crap it’s dealt with over the past century. Poland is definitely more hardcore than Canada in a historical sense. But seriously, they are really rocking the Eastern Bloc chic. I started to rock it for a while. My tribute was paid in the form of accessorizing with several thin, gold charm necklaces, one with a charm depicting a swooping, golden eagle. That, and my patent leather heels. Sometimes I go into H&M and I’m like: “Wow, this shit is so ugly,” and I know it was designed by and for Eastern Europeans. The Dears were supposed to go to St. Petersburg to play a show a few years ago. It fell through, which made me sad because I’ve never been further East in Europe than Germany, which is pathetic.

One point for Poland: Poles aim for mass guitar record
This shows their savvy; this is the way to get your country back on the cultural landscape. And of course, the song selection of “Hey, Joe” by Hendrix (wicked) is priceless.

One point against Poland:
Poland targets ‘gay’ Teletubbies
How many years behind the times are they over there? Do they have a news embargo in effect or something? They must have the internet by now! This is so eight years ago. If you’re gonna bandwagon then bandwagon properly, don’t hop on the bandwagon after its been retired and pulled off the road.

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  1. Hi Natalia! I randomly discovered your blog as I was in search of a Dears tshirt…I know you probably hear this a lot, but I absolutely luv your music and hope to see you guys in concert someday soon. I am a documentary filmmaker and would love to be able to use some of your music in a film I am currently editing…who should I talk to about that?? I read you are sic and hope that you recover soon! take care…

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