This frigging blows my mind:

Anger Over DRM-Free iTunes Tracks

The idea that a track can be traced back to its owner is brilliant. It will discourage royalty-free music sharing, which is partially responsible for killing the record industry (notice I said partially…the majority of the destruction is that most music is rubbish and the industry is coping with an antiquated infrastructure). Anyhow, I am totally behind the accountability iTunes is proposing. If you want the freedom to copy a song as many times as you like, and eventually give it away for free on some file sharing site, then you should be held responsible for your actions. I guess the sucky part is that it is the giver, not the taker, who is punished. I guess it can be compared to someone who owns a dog, but the dog is a total asshole. The owner has to be responsible for their pet…they can’t just leave the dog to roam around without a leash, and then just shrug it off when the dog bites someone’s face off. Accountability in all aspects of life will make a better world, wouldn’t it? But I still am slightly torn over the whole file-sharing thing: what’s the difference between file-sharing and mix tapes? It sucks that people buy less records, but when a record is like $30 at the shop, or you can’t find it in stores at all (story of our lives), what choice does a person have?

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