Canada’s Next Top Model

Ohmigod. I didn’t even know there was a Canada’s Next Top Model. I am ashamed and fascinated. This is so Canadian that I don’t even think it airs in Montreal. Anyway, I have I mentioned before that I love America’s Next Top Model? Tyra Banks is totally nuts, but she’s not even the best part. The infatuation comes with the presentation of the whole thing, the farcical, forced, scripted spontaneity. It’s almost so predictable and crappy that it’s like watching a car crash: potentially horrific, but you have to look. And the girls are really and truly stereotypical bubbily waifs, and the ones who have an ounce of brains make the show a dramatic endeavour. I was watching FT and they have a show that was literally a recap of the last season of Britain’s Next Top Model. It is really amazing how you can see a nation’s identity from the people in reality shows, from the situations the producers create to entertain people like me, the lowest common denominator.

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