Poor Canada!

From the CBC:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper snubbed U2 singer and activist Bono at
the G8 summit, saying he is too busy to discuss the African AIDS crisis
with him.

Wow. Stephen Harper is really hardcore. He is definitely not a people’s Prime Minister. This reaction clearly shows his dedication to Canada’s rich, conservative elite. He has only one thing on his mind: Money, and how to help rich people keep it. I’m not saying the grass was greener with the Liberals; that government is equally loosey-goosey. And the ADQ/Bloc/Parti Quebecois or whoever is in charge now…it’s a mess over there. NDP have a better mandate but money won’t vote in virtue. And Jack Layton has got to get rid of the ‘stache.

I hate money. I hate the gross cycles money forces us into. As we get older it creeps in and tries to take over, pounding the message: “if you don’t have money then your life sucks.” And its bullshit. What if we learned to actually enjoy our lives? What if we didn’t spend half our time coveting what someone else has? What’s the point of comparing your life to someone else’s? It’s a wasteful, selfish obsession. Why not learn to love and appreciate your reality? We are dealt the cards at the hand of fate, luck and some sort of karmic energy. But I believe that if you believe, I mean truly believe in yourself and in love and compassion, it will be returned to you.

Bottom line? Stephen Harper is rolling furiously along the highway to Hell. We can commend his hard work ethic but seriously could he be more unlikeable? Just suck it up and shake hands with Bono, pretend for a second you are a regular person with feelings. Oh well. Oh Canada.

2 Replies to “Poor Canada!”

  1. Hey Natalia!
    “Stephen Harper is rolling furiously along the highway to Hell” I love that image.
    What’s with the right getting elected almost everywhere these days (did you see the results in France today?).
    I’d say we’re heading for a rough patch, but I won’t: I’ve been reading about the law of attraction and stuff, so I’ll say every thing’s great, JUST GREAT!

  2. I applaud you stance against materialism. Harper is out for the rich he wants to bring crass American style politics to Canada. He wants to bring crass American style consumerism to Canada. This man must be stopped, a dangerous moron if there ever was one.

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