I realised that when we have friends over for dinner, I get a little OCD when it comes time to load the dishwasher. I hover like a hungry vulture, watching our guests’ every move, just waiting for an inadvertent slip up: “Oh those knives don’t go in, and neither do the wood things…you’ll have to put the big plates along the side…and make sure the thing can spin…” when I know I won’t be able to go to sleep until I redo it. The last time I got better; I had to call myself on it and step away from the kitchen. Other people know how to use dishwashers, I remind myself.

Wow this must be the world’s most boring blog. Actually I did a search for “World’s Most Boring Blog” and found a few blog dedicated to being extremely boring. I tried to read a few but they were excruciating. The attention to mundane details makes it even impossible to scan through, you know when you just want to get the gist of it. That was boring and I want the last five seconds of my life back. In fact, I am so bored at writing this boring blog about boringness that I wish I knew how to not only get the last ten minutes of my life back, but somehow refund all my readers of their time as well.

Why so boring? I started typing an explanation and realised immediately it would be too spicy so there is no reason. Instead I’ll just say that we went to Rockland mall today and there was a parrot at the pet store that said “Bye” and waved it’s foot. I don’t recall pet stores being that fun…this place was like a safari-themed amusement park with a giant turtle pond and talking birds! I recall pet shops being depressing: stinky and overcrowded, walls lined with caged creatures, great and small. Who buys a dog or cat anyway? I can understand having to seek out a domestic fish or rodent, but dogs and cats? I grew up with runts, strays and mutts. They are more balanced animals. I say if you can’t help an animal from the shelter, then what’s the point? Some people on this earth don’t even have food, and we go nuts over getting the perfect pet, feeding it prefect food, making sure it is thoroughly pampered, just to make ourselves feel good about ourselves. Anyway, that said, I know people who think having kids is a selfish and greedy act, so everyone is entitled to their opinion. Besides, some of my best friends are pure-bred.

One Reply to “Dishwashermonger”

  1. first, this is totally the most random blog ever. i like it…

    i also can completely and totally relate to the dishwasher thing. i do that too. almost every day. my roommates don’t understand that glasses go in the top rack and most everything else goes in the bottom. this is seriously not rocket science.

    bring on the ocd.

    i also JUST saw you had a blog. so, i plan to do lots of catching up!

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