Nouvelles Parc-Extension News

I love picking this up: the thin newsprint volume of Nouvelles Parc-Extension News. I am actually totally blown away right now because they have a website. Usually there are some spicy stories in each issue, but this one was a little on the boring side. No tales of drug busts, or police heroism, only a workshop on how to be a firefighter and talk of the crumbling Jarry Park Walkway (see page 9). This paper reminds me of The Villager, that I used to bring to my grandmother back in Toronto. It was less scandalous (stories were more like: “Kaiser Roll Found at Bottom of Sewer Hill,” or “Cheese Boutique’s Olive Counter Opens”), but told the tales of Eastern-European-Canadians in Bloor West Village, Roncesvalles, and maybe the Junction. Now they probably only talk about condos. Anyway, the two papers don’t compare: the Villager is like a 2006 Volkswagen Passat and Nouvelles Parc-Ex is like a 1992 Dodge Spirit. So next time you are “slumming it” up in Park-Ex, keep an eye out for the word on the street. Available in banks, restaurants and dollar stores.

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