Back From Nowhere

Just got back from up north; not too far north, just a little. Neptune and I spent the week with two of my bestest friends, Lis and Maggie. We all turned 30 this year, so Maggie planned a getaway in the Laurentians. There were supposed to be more of us, but you would be surprised how complicated it can be to get friends together. Anyhow, the time there was lovely. We went swimming, and Neptune ate ice cream every day. What kid would not love that? I read a lot of back issues of “Canadian House & Home” which I noted was gloriously and refreshingly mindless. I’m fascinated by people who have these cottages that are millions of times better than most people’s everyday houses. Like isn’t going to the country supposed to be a little, perhaps just slightly rustic? I’m not suggesting that comfort be forsaken, but seriously who has twelve grand to build a custom stone pillar fireplace or perhaps to purchase a set of four hardwood outdoor chaise longues? As we drove back home to Montreal, I was sad to learn that we would be missing the town’s annual church bazaar by one day. I love those kinds of things. I love treasures, although I have perhaps too many of them. I should purge, enforcing my “if I haven’t needed it in two years then chances are I will never need it” rule. Later that day in Montreal, I felt very relaxed but oddly uneasy. I really enjoyed the time away from TV and the laptop. Maybe that’s something to expand on. Anyhow, I have to go to sleep…tomorrow I have to get it together early for this Ottawa gig. TTYL.

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