Ottawa, Beer, Canada Day!

Last night we played this gig in Ottawa. It seems every time we roll into that city, it is raining. Yesterday was no exception. Canada Day shows are inevitably lucrative, but lacking in so many ways. Namely, soul. Ths gig was a beer-spnosored event, with contests and games, and oh yeah some novelty bands playing on the side. After the show a fan (Dave, if I recall correctly) asked me what I thought of these kinds of gigs, and I really had no comment. I’d just rather not say. Anyhow, there were a handful of Dears fans in the front row who knew the songs, some middle-aged couples dancing in the back, and lots of semi-interested baseball-capped others. The show was fine, despite the fact we haven’t rehearsed in about two months. I guess we’ve played the songs so many times that they are ingrained in our brains. I guess I had fun, but the real highlight was getting our gear off the stage, and Mr. Lahey from Trailer Park Boys helped me carry my keyboards down the steps. Randy and Mr. Lahey were in character and MC-ing the event. George was so excited, and it was kind of surreal, since we’ve spent whole tours watching season after season of the show. So all in all I suppose it was a true Canadian experience.


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  1. This was the first time that I have seen or even heard more songs other than a few radio plays. I thought you were great. The music instantly affected me…love it! As for the crowd, I have yet to be at a show in Ottawa where there is a great vibe. I’m originally from TO and for some reason the crowds here are lacklustre. Thanks for showing me some truly great music. Hope to see you in Toronto!

  2. Trailer Park Boys is filmed like a reality show, but follows the lives of a bunch of total f*ck-ups who live in a trailer park. Let me just say that at the end of every season, someone goes to jail. Also it’s about a million times funnier than Red Green.

  3. Is the Trailer Park Boys anything like The Red Green Show? (I’m from the States…forgive my ignorance.) We used to get The Red Green Show on PBS but it’s gone now.

  4. Hey, sorry the gig wasn’t all the great. It could have something to do with the fact that I was not there. Instead I was being eaten alive in a bush proving to many that I can drink 28 beer in one weekend.

  5. hi natalia
    you guys are so great I just love your music…my wife and I sing along to all your songs at home all the time..our son who`s now 14 months is getting into it..
    we saw you at the melkweg in Amsterdam and were blown away with your performance..i saw you in rotterdam a couple of years ago ans just love your live shows ….
    we were planning to go to belgium next week to see you guys but what happend your not coming???
    i hope everything is allright??
    have ye got plans to come to holland again???
    we hope so….

  6. As one of the handful from the front, I have to say that it was great to see you guys again, even though it was definitely a weird vibe. I also got a laugh out of how excited Murray and Patrick seemed to be when they first saw Randy. (Once again, Trailer Park Boys brings out my Nova Scotian pride.)

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