I *Heart* Morrissey

Let’s just start by mentioning that I love Morrissey. Just want to get that out there, though I’m pretty sure it already is. Anyhow, Murray said he watched Moz’s latest appearance on Letterman, which was skewed by a lot of ribs. Like everyone on the show was pigging out on ribs, and Letterman is like: “Here’s one of the most outspoken vegetarians in the world, Morrissey!” while wiping BBQ sauce off his face. Wow. I thought that was so shitty of them to do. Morrissey gets no respect sometimes, as if he’s an accidental target for the world to take pot shots at.

When The Dears played our first show with Morrissey, I was reduced to tears. I sobbed during his set, and I could not help but keep looking to see if he was watching us. He watched a bit of our soundcheck, and spoke to Murray, but generally he just destroyed me. I can’t imagine having that effect on anyone, and how difficult that must be for him to deal with. I’m sure he’s gotten used to it, somehow. But how could your life ever be normal, if every stranger you met went into a fanatically emotional frenzy? How else are we supposed to react, though, when meeting our personal Jesus’? Anyhow, I have since gotten over it, and fantasize about having a rational exchange with him; though I’m not holding my breath for our paths to cross again, though if it’s meant to be, then it’s meant to be.

5 Replies to “I *Heart* Morrissey”

  1. Well said 🙂 Loving the blog, nice little insight into one of my favourite bands.

    Are you guys playing the Latitude festival in England this year? I swore I saw you on the line up but just had another look and you’re not there…

  2. Hi Jack…thanks for reading! Sadly we had to pull out of Latitude. It totally sucks ’cause I was looking forward to it. We are still coming to London to play the Bella Union 10th Anniversary party on July 11th…see you?

  3. Bugger… would love to come to the Bella Union shows but I’m poor… entered two competitions for tickets though, so fingers crossed.

  4. What happened to you with Morrissey, it happened to me in the Polif0rum (Mexico) with you guys, I was lucky to be in the second row, I was just a mortal and you were the star. I guess you´re gonna have to start to get used to it.

    Big fan of Mozz as well, just saw him in Atlanta in the worst venue he could ever been, Chastain Park, never play there please!! go for the Tabernacle or the Roxy

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