Near-Perfect, Homemade Macchiato

Last week, Rob gave us a tin of Illy coffee. At first I just thanked him and put it on the shelf by the coffee machine. The next morning I made a coffee with it and holy crap it was really frigging amazing. Then, as I was drinking my near-prefect, homemade macchiato, I jokingly shook my fist and cursed Rob for bringing this expensive coffee into my life. Actually, I was more angry at myself, knowing that from now on I was only ever going to buy really good, probably Italian, coffee beans. So Murray and I, the domestic dieties that we have become, went to Costso and just walked by the giant bag of economical, fair-trade, store brand roasted beans, and went straight for the little, smart-looking tins of Illy beans. In closing, I am tormented by this luxury: I drink one coffee every morning, made in a Krups espresso machine (that Rob also gave us), and it has become a very important part of my day. Otherwise I would not be able to get up at the ridiculously early Neptune o’clock, give her breakfast, do some blogging, then take her to the park. So the coffee budget has officially been busted, probably forever, but it is totally and completely worth it.

2 Replies to “Near-Perfect, Homemade Macchiato”

  1. I once spent seventeen dollars on one of those smart-looking tins…
    But as you say, it is sooo worth it..

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