NBA (Nail Biters’ Anonymous)

So basically I bite my nails. Its a terrible habit of mine, along with very bad posture. Lately I have been biting my nails a lot, (though I usually tell myself I’m not biting my nails but just trying to clean up the uneven parts). Basically each of my fingers has been nibbled down to its quick, but I could also say that as a keyboard player, I can’t really have nails. And actually that is true, but they don’t have to be quite this short. Now the other night I was assessing each finger and got to my right hand thumb. I was surprised to find that I’d actually still had a normal nail there and I wondered to myself: “Why?” and “How?” I was so filled with surprise and a nominal amount of pride over this nail, that I left it untouched. “Grow on, my friend,” I thought to myself as I drifted into sleep. The next day I was in the back garden weeding and deadheading the cosmos, when I realised why I had inadvertently left my thumb nail: without it I could never break a stem, pop off a shrivelled flower head, or gather herbs from the garden. I had left it for a purpose…though I bet you a million dollars that in about four or five days I will have bitten that last nail off, too.

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  1. That’s how it starts you know, one nail at a time! I was a nail biter for half my life too. I stopped a few years back, I don’t remember when and why. Now it’s just cuticles. It’s a weird habit when you think about it.

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