Dark Visit to the Bank: Vol. 2

I went to the bank today to take out some cash for per diems for our trip to the UK. I needed a bunch of Pounds Sterling, and I guess they have to fish them out of the back or something, because I was waiting forever for the lady to bring them to the counter. So while I was waiting, the teller started asking me about being in a band and what kind of music and etc, etc. During an awkward pause, I mention how long the lineup is. The lineup at the branch on Jean-Talon is always crazy long. I ask her: “Is it always like this?” and she goes an a mini rant about how she hates it and is leaving the branch. Then she goes on another mini rant about how the neighbourhood is disgusting and is terrible for kids and we should get out because this area is dirty and full of perverts and other undesirables. I tell her that there are a lot of kids and families in this area, and how it’s not any better in the Plateau: there are tons of crack heads and drug dealers there, too. In fact there are more pandhandlers on the streets, and probably tons of recreational drugs going down at the bars. She replies that the whole city is disgusting and everyone (I guess by everyone she means white people? Yeah, I’m saying it: I think she was totally being racist, especially when I look at the clients at the bank and, Greeks aside, they are almost all Indians, Sri Lankans, Pakistanis, Hatians and other dark-skinned people) should move to Laval or Repentigny, where it’s “safer.” Bacisally, she is screwed in the head and lives in a dream world. Yeah, like there’s less crime and less weirdos in Repentigny. I think what she meant to say is that there are less brown people there. Ugh. It was so frustrating, and also astonishing how oblivious she was to her xenophobia. Classic.

Click here for Dark Visit to the Bank: Vol. 1

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