Neighbourhood Phenomenon

Every few days, I will leave my house and somewhere on the sidewalk or in the alley I will find a scratched up CD or DVD (see photo), which I am assuming are mixes tossed out of the window of someone’s car. I have three reacations:

1) I wish they weren’t so destroyed – or chewed up as if Cookie Monster has had a go at them – so I could have a listen to these apparently disposable mixes. What kind of music is on there? Who makes these and picks out the titles?

2) Who would do that? I mean, do they launch it from their car while driving, or junk it into the gutter before a trip? Or is a neighbour just throwing them out the window of the building next door?

3) As if following some anthropological migratory pattern, how do they end up in the places they do? Like this morning’s was on our front step…how does a CD jump up a step? A chance wind? Also they must be “released into the wild” over night. Does the owner ever reget tossing them, hungover in the morning? And does the owner break them on purpose, to render them unlistenable, or is the damage a result of being carried blocks and blocks up the street?

Fascinating. I’m going to track them, and maybe one day get my own special on the Discovery Channel.


2 Replies to “Neighbourhood Phenomenon”

  1. In the movie version of Souvenir of Canada, Douglas Coupland had an explanation for cassette tapes found broken on the side of the highway. (I don’t think that it was in the book but I may be wrong.)

    His story involved two friends (at least at the start of their adventure), a cross-country car trip, and a single tape acting as the soundtrack for the entire journey.

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