Review: Transformers (The Movie)

When Murray and I actually have a chance to go to the theatre, it is inevitably to see something with lots of explosions. Our last outing was no exception: we went to see Transformers (or as our friend Renaud would say, “Transformatateurs”). There were a lot of explosions and explosive moments, and some action sequences were so CGI’d that I was just like: “I have no idea what is going on right now.”

The big debate around here was whether or not they would use the signature “onh…onh..awn..awn…enh” sound effect when the robots (in disguise) came out of their disguise. They busted it out a couple times, but they created something more 2007, more refined and less annoying, considering it was used like dozens of times during the movie. Also, slightly disappointing was that they didn’t use the original cartoon theme song. I would have expected – in keeping with today’s genre – a Linkin Park version of “Transformers…robots in disguise! Nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh…the Decepticons!” with overly processed guitars and big, super-compressed drums.

Anyhow, the theatre was full of thirty-year old dudes with their reluctant girlfriends. I mean, I watched the cartoons when I was a kid and I even had a Bumblebee toy (actually I thought the other transformer toys were too complicated to transform, and Bumblebee was more at my level…it transformed in like three moves). Transformers is a movie for grown kids, for men to relive their youth, and give each other high fives and exclaim: “Wicked!” for no other reason than that the movie is wicked.

This movie is like Terminator 3 mixed with Spiderman and a little Matrix. Perfectly entertaining and completely mindless.


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  1. Yes! I was quite disappointed that they did not play the song… what sort of relevance does Linkin Park have to transformers?? Especially that particular song! I’m sorry Rob, but the first thing I wanted to do after the movie was run home and listen to the original song via the interwebs.. and I did.

  2. I just saw it (Sunday night) and the word “wicked” was actually spoken by one of the 30-something guys I was with. I think the movie makers succeeded because the first thing I wanted to do once the movie was over was to go and buy a Transformer toy. (I’ve given in and am taking my 3-year-old to the toy store tonight so it’ll seem like the toy is for him.)

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