And the Nominees are…

Hi…so The Dears have collected a few Canadian nominations for Gang of Losers. The most notable would be the Polaris Music Prize (our answer to the Mercury (UK) or the Shortlist (US)) judged by a jury of I guess Canada’s most appreciated musicologists.

Next is locally, with Le Gala de l’Alternative Musicale Indépendante du Québec (GAMIQ), where we got the nod for “International Career” and “Best Indie Rock Album.” You can vote for us, if you want; this award is judged 50% on public vote and 50% by jury.

Anyway, we’ll see. It’s very flattering to be nominated and would be an honour to win, but the criteria these things are judged on always seem so random, and requires everyone to suddenly take music so seriously. I guess in that way it is frustrating, since the entire industry is obviously barely based on artistic merit or quality. Do awards just make everyone feel better about themselves for a moment? Like the way Live Earth made everyone feel good about changing the future…for a couple hours?

3 Replies to “And the Nominees are…”

  1. Sorry to pander to your ego but I think you guys definitely deserve recognition for that album – it’s a brilliant work that still holds up after 100+ listens. Both my wife and I have it in our top 3 for ’06 – though I won’t list the exact position, that would be pandering just a little too much. Greatly looking forward to the next one, whenever it comes about.

  2. Hey Mikey – thanks so much. I can’t wait for the next one either! I’ll keep you posted!

  3. Hey Natalia,
    I just went and voted for you guys on the GAMIQ site. I love Gang of Losers and I hope you win! Any intention of playing in Montreal any time soon?

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