Where do journalists get their information? Even more frightening is the question of how bloggers get their information. Just this week I’ve read the following:

1) Gang of Losers was written by Krief (link to source): WRONG. If the journo had eyes, and knew how to read, they would see that Murray is the only writer for The Dears.

2) Jace Lasek of the Besnard Lakes produced The Dears (link to source): WRONG. We have never recorded with him in any capacity, though we have shared several laffs over dinner.

I mean seriously. Is that how quickly scandal happens? I guess with the blogoshpere being a free for all, and the lines between credible journalism and blogging getting totally blurred, real information is losing meaning. Fantasy is better…why else would Perez Hilton be so popular? I mean I’ve had to correct total lies on our Wikipedia page, and people consider that as a definitive resource. I can handle being dissed, but I can’t handle people not having their facts straight, or getting interpretive, or just perpetuating untruth.

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