Murray’s Food Blog?

Since we’ve been home, we’ve been watching a lot of Food Network, and doing a lot of cooking. I actually started a very normal habit of buying Martha Stewart Living every time we go to the Costco (it doesn’t get more normal and boring than that, really, and I apologise if that doesn’t meet your expectations). Anyhow, my department in the kitchen is baking. I do desserts, cookies, pies, etc. Next week my friend Stacey is teacching me how to make preserves. Murray, however, has really excelled. He makes amazing dinners, and last night cooked some killer roasted veg with leeks, potatoes and orange and yellow carrots. We get our produce from the market and try to buy everything local, or grown in Quebec. Then there was BBQ corn, veggie sausages with tomato sauce, and arugula and radicchio salad with cherry tomatoes we grew in the backyard. Then he made this Nutrageous and Haagen Das Blizzard that was really just too sweet, but I had to eat it. Him and Rob sometimes get together and plan out a whole menu; Rob rocked a killer Grandma Pizza last week (inspired by one they had in Brooklyn with Scott when Murray was mixing GOL) and the Ceasar salad is near perfect. So we are eating well, but I’ve been trying to convince Murray to start a food blog. He wants to pitch a cooking show, but I think he should start with a blog. Anyway we’ve been taking pics of his dinners once they’re plated (yeah, that’s right, he plates) so maybe I will take notes, or video short clips, or just let it be. In any event, I love it…so there will be news to come on whether or not that blog happens…

5 Replies to “Murray’s Food Blog?”

  1. Haha! I can just see the liner notes for the next album… each page of lyrics with a “Something To Cook While Listening To This Song” on the opposite page, and a little blurb, something along the lines of: “I often fine that minor key tonality brings about a subtle melancholy that can be offset by the consumption of some delicious organic BBQ corn.”

  2. this entry…it made my top 10 entries. There is nothing wrong with buying a little Martha at the costco. For Ottawans excitement comes when you realize that if you drive to the Quebec costco you can buy beer…cheap beer. If at any time you or Murray feel the need to share some recipes, by all means do it.

  3. hmm all this talk about food makes me want to organize a giant potluck dinner…those are the best

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