On my endless wanderings over the internet, I find many roads lead back to Wikipedia. Every now and again I’ll add something or make a correction to something totally wrong (see Misinformation). Then after scouring our Dears entry and following every link, I realise I’m not important enough to have my own link. I mean, I’m listed on The Dears entry, so its not like I don’t exist at all, which really should be enough. But seriously what does someone have to do to for their own Wikipedia page? And its not like I’m gonna get all megalomaniacal on the shizzle and create my own thing….actually thinking about the whole concept its kind of creepy, to have strangers writing and editing my biographical information. Like the time a few years ago, a very kind fan of The Dears created a fan site about me. He was super cool and he sent it to me to get my approval before he put it out there. It was flattering but it just didn’t feel right. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I have to earn it, to earn Wikipedia’s respect, whatever that means.

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