Does This Count?

While pulling out of the garage, Murray points out an abandonned CD in the alley. “Great,” I note, “I haven’t see one in a while. I’ll take a pic later today.” Thankfully, it is totally worthless and so it is still there in the evening. I find the CD on a window ledge, busted up, as usual. The problem is that when I turn it over, it is atcually a manufactured CD of WordPerfect for some ancient operating system. So does this count? I mean, the same questions remain – the how’s and who’s and why’s – but missing are the what’s: What’s on this CD? Well, outdated software. And that’s dead boring.


2 Replies to “Does This Count?”

  1. My theory is that all the cd´s are demos from a shy fan, who wants to contribute to the musical idea in the next album,

    dude, it´s not a newspaper!!

    besides this time he took the wrong cd, I wonder if his little brother is going to need this one later

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