10,029 Hits!

Holy frick. I’ve busted 10,000 hits (so clearly there are more than four of you that come here each day). Actually, this blog get about 100 hits each day, which may seem either like a lot or nothing at all. I mean, compared to smash hit WordPress blogs like I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? (which, incidentally always makes me laugh and reminds me of our former manager, Nadine Gelineau), my blog’s traffic is a joke. I always long to one day be included on the “Fastest Growing Blogs” list, but for now I am just fine with what I have here. Actually I don’t think I could deal with the pressure of tons of traffic. Then I would have to be simultaneously clever and prolific. Basically my head would be exploding on an hourly basis. So thanks everybody! No head explosions! More blogging ahead!

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