Severe Thunderstorm Watch

Yesterday I woke up to dark skies, and a very long thunderstorm. It was so intense that I expected hail, but I’ve only ever seen summer hail in Montreal once before. Anyhow, at 10AM, when usually the sun is out in full force, it was still dark and the street lamps were lit (see header photo above). When the storm let up a bit, I put Neptune in her Thomas the Tank Engine wellies and raincoat and set her in the backyard. She found some wet chalk and drew on everything. I made a coffee and thought of this souvenir ashtray we have in the back. I bought it in Rome, after Murray, Neptune and I had taken a tour of the Sistene Chapel. The remarkable thing about this ashtray is that it is adorned with Rome’s famous sights, but whoever designed it thought to save the Vatican as the centre piece. The silly thing, is that where it is placed (at the bottom of the ashtray) is also where people put out their cigarettes. We don’t smoke, so the ashtray is for guests, but I like to tell them they can “…put out your cigarettes on the Vatican! John Paul II was the best pope!” I know, I know, it’s dark, but have you ever known me to be otherwise? I hope the sun comes out today.


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