Torquil Campbell is a Genius

If you haven’t already, you absolutely must read it here: Torq’s Blog. It is mainly a retort to Pitchfork’s review of Stars’ latest album, “In Our Bedroom After the War.” It’s a classic Pitchfork review, where they pretend to like something, and Torq calls them out. He actually nails down the accidental effect the blogosphere has had on music, which I admire.

I had wanted to review the Stars album but couldn’t. I started jotting down my thoughts, then came to the realisation: “Really, who cares what I think, except me?” It’s like this lame dialogue I had with the editor of The Torontoist: I criticised one of their reviews, then the editor posted a totally bogus: “It’s us but it’s not us,” comment, to which I retorted and he probably never saw, because why would he come back here unless he got a Google Blog Alert about it? Our world is becoming so careless, with no sense of craft, thought or dedication. There will be no creation of Masterpieces anymore, our culture prevents it. So can we just try and be optimistic about the absolute best of the mediocre?

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