Another Week Away

Oh, well I’m off again this week, so the already light bloggings will be even lighter. I’m going to a place that is a definite no wi-fi zone. Hopefully it won’t (will?) rain the whole time, and I’ll be forced to write long tedious blogs about nature and swimming on my Blackberry. When will they release a portable device that I can blog on? I’ve tried it on the Blackberry (forget it, the whole thing explodes) and on the Nintendo DS browser (all I see in a menu…it probably doesn’t support the programming). It probably will happen soon, though, and laptops will become “too big and cumbersome” for email and internet use. On that note, here’s something I wrote a few months ago about holding out:

July 10: I actually took the bus to see Krief’s show last night, and as I was waiting for the bus I was like: “Wow, waiting sucks.” Eight minutes felt like forty. When I was younger I didn’t mind waiting, I would make a game of it, practice my patience, willing the subway or whatever I was waiting for to arrive. People spend a lot of their lives waiting. I’m going to look up a statistic on that. But I realised that I still do a lot of waiting, only now I wait on different terms: I wait for airline check-ins, airplanes, soundchecks, showtimes, load outs, the list goes on. Now I only wait professionally.

2 Replies to “Another Week Away”

  1. Oooh, that is delightfully nerdy. This could potentially revolutionise blogging for me. The word: “codex” in the url frightens me a little but…I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks so much, I really had no idea!

    ADDENDUM: Actually after deeper searching you can’t actually blog by email at all with WordPress, but you can blog by Blackberry/mobile device using I haven’t tried it yet but it does seem less convoluted than what they were previously proposing. Though since it requres using a browser, it will probably cost me a million dollars. So, you see, THAT’S why I need the NEWEST Blackberry with WiFi so I don’t have to pay their baloney “data roaming” charges. Amen.

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