When in an awkward social situation (dinner party, bar, BBQ, conference; basically every social situation is awkward) you can always rely on the empirical fact that that one person in any couple you know is absolutely addicted to real estate. You can either talk directly to this individual about property listings on, location, location, location, mortgages, mortgage rates, flipping, HGTV, Holmes on Homes, and maybe even renovations. And if you get the one in the couple not addicted, you can always talk about the addiction itself. The amazing thing about this observation is that it is universal and cross-cultural, but not necessarily trans-gender: more often than not, it is the woman who suffers this condition – and I say this at the risk of sounding surprisingly stereotypical – due to our undeniable, crack-like addiction to shopping. Basically I am the one in the couple who has MLS bookmarked, and will casually browse properties in my free time. Now I totally know what you are thinking: “Snorzeville: population, Natalia.”

Oh and yes, we’re back in town, and I have a whole whack of blogs to post.

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