Somebody, Somewhere Hates Someone

Why, I wonder, do so many people hate us? (Not to mention the ongoing jabs and pokes.) On one hand its frustrating, since we create music with the hope that it will bring pleasure to people in some minute way. On the other hand, I was once told by a very successful friend/enemy that its best to be well-hated: usually it is a sign of being misunderstood, or of having something others can’t have or make for themselves. Basically that’s the only thing that keeps me going, the idea that it isn’t really a vengeful, hateful, organised, hate, its more a spiteful, jealous, lonley hate. And somehow I can get by. I mean, I also remind myself that someone, somewhere always hates you; that someone is trash talking you, ’cause they can (have you ever visited Stillepost?). Just remember that. Someone out there is reading your Facebook, hating on you like crazy, even though they might never let on, they frigging hate you. Most of the time, they don’t even really know why, and mostly they are just outwardly redirecting all the hate they have for themselves. I have seriously met people who have written about how much they totally hate The Dears (but for some reason have all our CDs, been to all our shows, bought a T-shirt…), and then after meeting them their version of us is totally shattered by…wait for it…REALITY! Shocking. Its sad, but all our lives are sad in some way or another, aren’t they? To the ones out there that hate our guts, I just want you to know that I still think of you fondly (but resent you just a little) and that we should get over ourselves and focus on the bigger picture things, like using biodegradeable soap in the laundry and switching to low-energy flourescent light bulbs. I mean seriously. We’re fucked if the birds and fish all die.

5 Replies to “Somebody, Somewhere Hates Someone”

  1. interesting concept; the notion of being well-hated and all. it least someone is thinking about you which i suppose it quite powerful. anywho, i enjoy your blog still haven’t had a chance to checkout your band’s music. will soon. easy.

  2. like a friend of a friend of a friend of mine yells out at the beginning of c’était pour la passion on thank you good night… i love the dears.

  3. Love your album…listen to it everyday… I haven’t seen any negative comments on the Dears. It looks like you get alot of respect from critics, however I did read an interesting review from uncut that says “This is still very much a Dears record: confused and unfocused, a messy kind of masterpiece.”…I kind of agree…most classics are “messy masterpieces.” ie: London Calling, Exile on Mainstreet, The White Album etc…

    Thanks for the good music.

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