Gush, gush (Feist Blog)

I was on the ‘net the other day, checking out the day’s Google News Alerts and saw a photo of Feist incorrectly credited as being Sarah Harmer. At first I was like: “That is not Sarah Harmer, and if it is then she is stealing Feist’s bit.” Then I realised that Sarah Harmer looks totally different that that it was Feist after all, and then started thinking about how much I really love her. She has just gone out there and done her thing, nestled herself comfortably in the cracks between every musical genre: Adult Alternative, Hot AC, Cold AC, Pop/Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Indie, Easy Listening, Women in Song, Song in Song, etc. And now it’s like every woman in the indie sphere is just scrambling to catch up to her in some way or another. And pretty soon all these dude bands are going to be like: “Crap well if we didn’t have a girl in the band already, we’d better get one!” Do you know anyone that doesn’t like Feist? Think about it.

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