CD-R, Plus.

So this piece of CD-R was sitting in the flower box outside the fire station for days, but I’ve always been too freaked about taking a picture of it because I’m intimidated by the firemen. Like what do I tell them if they asked me what I was doing? How could I possibly explain this project in a coherent way? Do I just give them a scrap of paper with a URL written on it? Then they would be in on it and heaven forbid anyone in my neighbourhood be in on it because that would sabotage the whole thing. Say goodbye to serindipitious randomosity (two words I’m not sure really exist).


I also saw a piece of CD-R at the playgroud today, but I thought it was too far outside the radius to be included in my data. See the real predecessors here.

And while on the topic of CDs, I love this blurb about GOL from the Superb Live Blog. It makes my day.

2 Replies to “CD-R, Plus.”

  1. lol your blogs always make me laugh.. I almost ended up burst laughing in a client’s ear today… bad Sophie lol

  2. A few summers ago I was working landscaping and had to dig a flower garden in front of an apartment building. It was on a hill that turned out to be a landfill. Amongst the garbage was a local Christian rock CD still shrink-wrapped. I think they were actually called Fate.

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