Polaris Poster

In my morning ritual of reading Google alerts, I found this blog, featuring a poster by Montreal artist Lisa Czech. I wondered why a commemorative poster would be commissioned, so I began digging through old emails. I found this from our manager, Jason, a forward from the Polaris HQ:

“Each artist also gets a limited edition print specially created for their Polaris nomination by notable poster artists from their home towns. We do ask that the artist of artists in questions be prepared to come up and accept these prints on stage from their presenter. The presenter will be someone from our jury who picked your nominee’s album. Speeches are not obligitary, but they can be fun, especially after a few drinks.”

I wonder if Murray read this? Because I’m almost 110% positive he will not be into going up on stage and saying something. I’m pretty much forcing him to go to the awards at all this Monday; he’s just not into that kind of thing, but I totally am! I like going to weddings, too. We both know (face it, we ALL know) that The Dears won’t win the Polaris Music Prize. We’re too old, not cool enough, yesterday’s news, too serious. My prediction is that Besnard Lakes will get it. The Dears just don’t win. We don’t do winning. That’s why our album was called “Gang of Losers.” Duh. Anyway, I’ve invited Amanda and her friend Jenn, so I plan to use the evening to get more info on the WIER connection.

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