So Harsh!

I would like to just take a moment to reiterate how misunderstood, or non-understoond, The Dears are. We’ve never identified with a trend, or been cool or part of a scene, and that makes it difficult for the common indie folk to like us. As such, I get really, really offended when a lazy journalist makes an off-hand remark. OK, granted this one comes from a university newspaper, so journalistic value is diminished slightly. Basically the thought that The Dears are an “indie charity case” is harsh and insulting, since we practically made the bed that most new Canadian indie rock sleeps in. But whatever, we don’t need to go out there and assert that, lay claim on who came first and who did what because that’s even more bogus. So I thumb my nose at the author of the article (who isn’t even named, basically hiding behind their publication: classic), and while I’m at it, I might as well give them the finger, too. Yes: insults through hand gestures, sent over the internet.

8 Replies to “So Harsh!”

  1. um… why do you read the chatter? it’s just schwagg…

    some people enjoy to catagorize, organize, theorosize, comparasize, anaylze, deduce, reduce, quantify, testify, low-fi, high-fi, stretch it, reshape it, misrepresent it, cut it, paste it, relabel it….

    some people would rather just listen to good music…

  2. where do they come up with that crap?? indie charity case.. i also enjoy how they put kevin’s new video with the article… apparently in their eyes constantines dont make videos… actually the video link oddly reminded me of pitchfork’s setup… shudder

  3. I need to send hate mail to this writer…

    you’ll always be the coolest to me Natalia… wow, that did not sound stalkerish at all… hehe

  4. Dear Natalia, leaving my name out of the article was a technical mistake. Our new website should have automatically attached my name (Jordan Bimm) to the article. This has since been corrected. I’m posting because I definitely don’t want to hide behind my publication. I should also point out that The Varsity has spawned the careers of many great Canadian journalists (including two Polaris Prize judges) and shouldn’t be considered a second-rate publication just because it is owned and operated by students. In reference to my off-hand remark, it is harsh, yes, but I do stand by it. No Cities Left was a great record. The Dears definitely deserve recognition for that, and, as is evident, you’ve received it. Gang of Losers was, to me, a disappointment. That’s just my opinion. I actually wanted to like it, but couldn’t. So I take your nose thumb and middle finger with the sincere hope that I’ll be able to write something good about what The Dears do next.

  5. Hi Jordan! Thanks for your comments, and for your honesty. I appreciate that more than anthing else. I still wonder, however, how what you are saying here qualifies us as an “indie charity case?” This suggests something deeper than just a bad album, which is why I found it so offensive. Anyhow, please keep in touch and I, too, hope that The Dears will be able to create something for you to care about in the future.

  6. indie charity case = when I don’t enjoy an artist’s newest work as much as their earlier work

    Not really convincing, is it? Could be that the writer was simply enjoying being nasty and intellectually lazy, and hasn’t matured enough to realize that he’s writing about real people.

    I hope you’ve helped him wake up to the fact that he should mind his manners when he’s writing in a public forum, especially if he can’t back up his casual smears.

  7. Frankly I find all published music reviews pointless, artists should never have to be dependent on what sites like pitchfork think about them. If I like an album I’ll recommend it to my friends with similar tastes, I won’t impose or indoctrinate them into my beliefs because nearly everything (and especially music) is subjective.

    And for the record you guys are definitely in my top favorite bands, and that’s not bad considering I have over 300 gigs of music.

    PS. whenever you guys start touring again next year, your first concert should be in Montreal, I’ll be right there in the first row.

    Much love,
    Flo from The Candid Guide.

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