Getting Dressed

Let’s talk about something totally lame: clothes. I go through phases of being obsessed with them, and then disgusted. I do generally care about how I look, but lately I’ve become totally frustrated with basically everything that exists. I’ve grown tired of ruching on clothes, of things for women being accented in some way. I’m also annoyed by the fact that the pieces I want to buy cost ten million dollars. So here’s what I came up with: its a plan and a reality check all rolled into one. It started with a phase where I vowed against t-shirts with crap printed on them, especially when printed asymmetrically. So from there I very briefly went to blouses, but I couldn’t afford my tastes. And then I looked around a bit, scrutinising the hyper-stylised trends happening in indie rock. Suddenly everyone looked fresh from an H&M shopping spree, which is why I now feel the urge to rebel. So mine is a return to simplicity, to the things I wore before I (and anyone else, for that matter) cared too much: black t-shirts. Perhaps a tad boring, but seriously, I find the hopeless quest for the perfect outfit drearily draining. Although I’ve just said this, I still own a few guilty pieces. It’s not like when I have a change of heart I turn around burn everything that I don’t like anymore. Sometimes certain things will make unexpected comebacks from my closet. You just never know.