Home Weather Station: 2

OK, so remember when I talked about the home weather station that Murray bought me for Christmas last year? Well, until about a month ago it was just sitting in a corner, in various stages of being unpacked. Then my sister (Laryssa) and her boyfriend (Adrian) came to town for a visit and were crazy enough to install it for me. I say “crazy” because if you saw the ladder they had to climb to get on top of our garage, you would know what I was talking about. When we got our house, it came with a “two-storey” garage, but basically the second storey is fake: half-built, floorless and partially insulated, with a makeshift ladder to the roof built from two-by-fours nailed between the studs. Laryssa and Adrian are stuntpersons/stage fighters for a living so they are accustomed to tumbling and being suspended in precarious situations. I basically had to leave when they were on the roof because it made me too nervous seeing them up there. Anyway, they installed the weather station, for which I am thankful, and now I have real-time, weather readings sent wirelessly into my house from the back yard, which I will often compare to Environnment Canada’s website several times during the day, but this is getting way to nerdy so I’m just going to stop there.

Current conditions in my backyard: Wind 1.0 Km NNW; outdoor temp 13.5 degrees Celcius, total rainfall 3.9cm, humidity at 58%, air pressure 1008.23 mb. Forecast for the next 24 hours: cloudy.


One Reply to “Home Weather Station: 2”

  1. Um, that’s fantastique! That would make me, and my dad, insanely happy. Can they come down here to install one for me, and then back to the Ottawa River to work something up for Poppa? Miss the trio desperately. Please alert when back in my wood of the necks. Your humble correspondent, to his great chagrin, never did make it to the Monty this été. xox

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