Pop Montreal: Suggestions & Picks

OK so if I actually went out, here’s how it would go down (click on the links for venue info):

Wednesday, October 3rd
Might just stay home, but would be compelled to check out Julie Doiron at 11PM. She was really great with Eric’s Trip at Polaris and we don’t realise it but she paved the way for myriad scenester, hipsters and can-con indie songstresses.

Thursday, October 5th
Murray’s got his Pop & Policy panel at 4:30 today, but I have an interview at 3; hopefully I’ll be able to do both. Later that evening…a classic situation. An unlikely timeslot with three good bands to see. Ohbijou, Diamond Sea and Danielle Duval all play at 8PM. In the end, though I think Montreal’s Diamond Sea would win out. Then Dan highly recommends Murray and I go see Cody ChestnuTT at 10PM. After I’d probably head over to the A&C showcase to rub elbows and check out The Stills at midnight.

Friday, October 6th
This one’s easy: I would start off the evening with the must-see World Provider at 9PM, then step out for The Two Koreas at 10PM, and cap it off with Krief at 11PM.

Saturday, October 7th
Surprisingly not much going on that I’d be into. Though Pony Up could get me to go out, but the time hasn’t been listed on the site yet. Oh, I just saw that Pete Elkas is playing at 9PM which would be fun, followed by Ron Sexsmith at 10PM. I haven’t heard his stuff in a while, but he’s a really great songwriter. I’d cap it off with the ever-talented Jade Mcnelis at 1AM.

Sunday, October 8th
With the fest winding down, the likelihood of me actually going out at this point would be pretty slim (that’s a lot of babysitting to find!). But if I did, there’s Sebastien Grainger at 8PM, then the band everyone can’t stop talking about The National 9PM, ironically playing at Le Nationale, and maybe come full circle with Eric’s Trip at 10PM, though that would be pretty hardcore on the CKUT days for me.

Anyway, hope that’s helpful for those who might care. See you there! Also, if anyone has any suggestions of their must-sees, feel free to post them in the comments below.

One Reply to “Pop Montreal: Suggestions & Picks”

  1. So I looked through the schedule, I recommend checking out Jetplanes of Abraham (Sunday @11…) They are super fantastic. Maybe it’s not the most ideal timeslot… but I am sure they have a myspace or something for you to listen to.

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