Blog for Today (Post-Pop)

I was meaning to write a “Pop Monty” in review piece, but got a cold, and, thusly, grew incredibly lazy. Murray and I went out on Thursday night and had a nice date, saw our friends, had some mildly spicy exchanges, ate a poutine gratinée at Fameux and got home too late. Didn’t get drunk, but didn’t sleep enough and the sinus congestion that was threatening to descend took my frailty as its opportunity. Who cares anyway: it’s a holiday, so Canadians should be eating lots and American should be shopping lots. Just everyone let’s agree to consume in some big way.

I will mention the Pop Montreal blog related moments, though. The first was when Murray and I went to see The Two Koreas, who we had totally missed, and Stuart yells across the room: “Someone needs to fact check your blog!” And I was like, “Sorry dude.” I thought their show on the wrong day, so not only did we miss their set completely, we got heckeled on the way in. And I think on the way out as well, but I’m used to that. Next I had Jeffrey tell me how he disagreed with my support for Torq’s anti-Pitchfork rant. He asked: “Would you write the same thing if a million people read your blog?” My initial reaction was: “Uh, no, I guess not,” but it made me think and I realised that yes, I would write the same thing about Torq, but I probably wouldn’t be so personal/boring about other things. Blogging has made all media a dialogue between creators, critics and common people.

So that’s it. I have to go finish baking cookies (peanut butter), and then eating them in the name of thanks and giving.

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