Blogs Long Gone

I was trying out this Google Docs online app to see if it really worked so I randomly opened an old tour diary file (Guess what? The app works!). I was laughing my ass off at some of the stuff I’d wrote, and so checked to see if the posts were still online. Sadly they have been taken off the Pop Monty site (its about time, really), and I was debating whether or not to repost them here. I don’t think I will, probably because being the purist that I am, I would not be satisfied to have anything listed out of chronological order, and then they would just be buried beneath layers of blog. I will save it for later; surely it will be useful one day. Anyhow, the links have been removed and now my “Blogroll” is basically useless. Maybe I should instead use it for what it is meant for…

2 Replies to “Blogs Long Gone”

  1. Why not put them up though? I mean you wrote em after all. Back in the (brief as a candle) d when I had a blog I had the same problem, and I wonder whether “purist” isn’t too gentle, or as one ungrad put it in a paper I recently marked, “gentile”, a word for it. En tout cas, I figured out some pretty s-fwd way to change the date of the wordpress prog to make it think it was much earlier so posts ended up in the right order. Then you can change it back and it’s all right as pluie again. Ok, baby’s working, daddy’s sleeping, now’s my chance.

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