Studio Mornings

The studio morning is like a fire alarm: Murray gets up around noon, with purpose. He is determined and scheduled and there’s no time to waste. Usually just a shower, emails, phone calls, some power cuddles then out the door to run a bunch of errands before the session begins. He’s been working late night, ten-hour sessions, the first few days playing everything himself. Now he’s got a band vibe happening with Krief and George, and Sunday he reunited the Brébeuf Brass (check your NCL liner notes). As things move along, our direction is becoming clearer and clearer, which slowly alleviates the stress. Very slowly. Kind of like this stop-and-go, rush hour bus ride I am making. Ugh its frustrating…is there such a thing as “bus rage” because I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m feeling right now. Add to that the fact that I am carrying a backpack. I put it on and looked into the mirror, thinking: “Aren’t I too old to be carrying a backpack?” What would Dora do?

4 Replies to “Studio Mornings”

  1. I was in Paris in September and noticed a number of hip-looking older men and women sporting backpacks. I’m a little ashamed to admit that it is largely on this evidence that I have been basing my, “There are a lot of trendy looking grown-ups in Paris!” statements on.

    Perhaps the moral of the story is: you’re never to old to wear a backpack, as long as you look hip and French. (Alternate moral: it’s hard to give people impressions of a trip or a place when the only adjective you can think of to describe your time there is “tired.”)

  2. Indeed he did. Reunite the beufy Brébeuf brass. A master-stroke, just make sure the credits this time feature the accent on the Brébeuf é. NCL was sans accent. And don’t mention this directly to M either as copy-editing gets him all ornery, but christ, everyone needs a reason to keep on don’t they? Run straight for the hills. The recent Étoiles’ record notes “vive le revolution doux,” managing to make 3 french mistakes in 4 words. In related news, had Chris and J over for dinner a few nights ago. Hardly a Parc-Ex Food Network extravaganza but I’ve got a couple of moves in the dark quand-même.

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