CD-R…We Were Meant to Be

Check this out. A trashed CD-R was sitting in a neigbouring laneway for like two weeks. Every time I walked by I was like: “Oh, it’s still there. I’ll get a picture later.” And later came and went, or there were too many people waiting at the bus stop who would be freaked out by my actions, or the old Greek man who stares and doesn’t say Hello would be standing outside his place, just staring at me not saying Hello and it’d make me nervous. So two weeks pass and one morning I see the CD-R surrounded by a bunch of broken glass, like the windows of the apartment next door just decided to fall out and onto the ground. Then the next day, obviously someone cleaned up all the broken glass and peripheral trash, including the CD-R.

I was defeated, my completist nature felt the entire (and yet so half-assed) project was doomed until fate intervened. I guess the garbage bag tore and it’s contents spilled out onto the asphalt. I only had a moment, so I whipped out my camera and took this pic. I was walking with Neptune at the time, but I knew it was my last chance to get the shot, so the photo is not very well taken (one hand holding out the camera, the other holding Neptune’s hand tightly…I don’t think we even really stopped walking). Greek men and commuters just stood in AWE.


One Reply to “CD-R…We Were Meant to Be”

  1. One of the better trashed CD R pics I’ve seen. In a year or two the Greek men will have forgotten (ok maybe three years) but digital photography is forever.

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