Big Brother (Not the TV Show)

This is kind of old news, but Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper plans to create a government-run media centre. What an enormous wuss: be a man and deal with the people that you are supposed to be leading! Apparently this is how they handle it in the US: only certain journalists are invited to certain press conferences, and questions are screened before they can be asked. So basically what’s the point of a press conference? Why the pretense of journalists getting to the bottom of things, acting as our information delegates? It’s a farce. It’s already difficult enough to sift through the media, read reporting critically, and identifying which media are leaning towards a pre-determined opinion. I guess it’s another way government is trying to shut us out, keeping us farther away from the truth. Where to next? More conspiracy theories, eroded trust in our leaders. How can any citizen let themselves be led blindly?

One Reply to “Big Brother (Not the TV Show)”

  1. Amen! – Apparently they are also considering taking over the visuals. The PMO would hire the cameramen and photographers – just to make sure all the photos and video were flattering. It would also allow them to make sure that if the PM slipped up, said the wrong thing, etc., that no video of it made it to the airwaves.

    Of course they are doing all of this under the name of ‘security’ but I’m beginning more and more to wonder whose security they are talking about and what they are trying to be secure from.

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