I Just Did Something Crazy!

In a pathetic attempt to perhaps legitimise this blog, I entered it into the 2008 SXSW Interactive Weblog Awards. Oh, god. The pressure I put on myself…now I’m all self-conscious. Here’s the criteria they (I don’t even know who “they” are!) judge on:

* Visual Design: The appearance of the site. The eye-candy. Is it graphically intriguing?
* Functionality: The usability and navigation of the site. Is it easy to use?
* Interactivity: The amount of input the user has in the experience. How does the interface work with the user?
* Content: The information. The goods. Is the subject matter fascinating?
* Creativity: The unique and innovative approach. Does the site have something no one has seen before?

They give a score of 1-10 in each category and go from there. Anyway, in a fully appropriate, self-depricating manner, here’s how I would rate myself:
* Visual Design (7): Where is the in-your-face rapidly flashing banner that says I have won $1,000,000?
* Functionality: (10) Thank the Lord for the designers at WordPress!
* Interactivity: (7.8) It’s a blog about me and the things I think about. Comments encouraged. What else can one expect?
* Content: (10) ‘Nuff said.
* Creativity: (9) If by “seen” they mean “read” then yes, I think my blog is innovative and personal to an extent that cannot be reproduced elsewhere. It’s a blog about thinking and writing and The Dears. Remember when we used to read books? Or write and snail mail letters to each other? It’s meant to be reminiscent of that.

So that’s 43.8 out of a possible 50…not bad. I probably don’t stand a chance. Anyway, that’s enough of that.

Oh and for an element of irony, you can read these.

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