Garbage Day in TMR

If you’ve not been up Acadie before, then you haven’t seen what Krief calls “The Wall Of Shame.” The street is lined with a tall gated fence and shrubs, which was basically built to keep the riff-raff from Park-Ex out of the Town of Mont Royal. Bullcrap aside, sometimes I take Neptune beyond the fence to a nice big playground park. Its really close to or house and usually there are just one or two other kids there. Recently I went when it was garbage day in TMR and it was like walking through a pretty good garage sale: lots of junk and some definite treasures. I had to stop myself from dragging home a few perfectly good things: medicine chest, half-alive heather plant, and I’m sure tons of other things could have been recovered if the whole neighbourhood was given a sweep.

I do have a theory that garage sales in more affluent neighbourhoods are better, because rich people have better stuff to get rid of. But it never crossed my mind that they also had better stuff to throw away. That’s the garbage picker in me (my grandmother was a severe post-war pack rat and I guess it rubbed off a little). Anyway, I didn’t take aything from TMR’s garbage that day, but I did divert my path on the way home to check some of it out.

One Reply to “Garbage Day in TMR”

  1. The neighborhood I live in in Toronto is more middle class – we have no walls and people still do have garage sales. But there is also a kind of perpetual garage sale that goes on and ties in to what you’re talking about.

    Here, people put out potentially useful ‘trash’ before garbage day – so if you have, for example, a chair that you want to get rid of, or some books you don’t want anymore you set them on the curb and it’s a kind of understood ‘take it if you want it’. Very rarely is any of this left when trash day actually arives.

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